Type of Wood That is Suitable for Decorating Log Homes

Decorating log homes are not an easy thing to do because before it there are some things you should think first. First you should think about of the funds that you need and also the type of wood that you will use. Selecting the right type of woods is the important thing that you should do. Because not all type of woods can you use a a basic materials for your home. Because of that ill share types of wood that suitable for your log homes. And also have a good and the best quality.

Decorating log homes can use a teak wood as bsic materials. Because teak wood has a strong character and durable. Teak wood also proven against termites and all kind of insects because this wood containing with oil inside it so it makes teak wood have a weapon against insect and termites. Next you can use bangkirai wood. Because it has a quality that is not inferior to teak. This type of wood also has a strong character and durable as well. Also it has oil content in its timber so this makes bangkirai woods also prove against termites and insects.

Decorating log homes using a teak and bangikrai wood maybe will make you spend a lot of money. But you dont have to worry because there is an alternative for you. You can use a camphor wood as basic materials. Because it has a price that is not so expensive. But you do not worry because this wood has a beautiful motif fibers that can beautify your home. although the quality of the wood is still under teak wood and bengkirai but with this type of wood is often used by many people to be used as a basic materials for their homes. I hope this article can help you for deciding with kind of woods that is suitable for your homes.