The Dimension Zone In Narrow Console Table

Narrow console table is the one kind of small table that particularly only has two or three legs in the front and it is taken to patch on the wall but this table should be secured the wall that is why this table named as the narrow table. This item also comes in the various style and design. This table can be long or short, in the square, rectangular, half round or any shape. This table not only stands against the wall but another design can be standing alone. There some design product of this item.

Pierce Console Table

Narrow Console table is the one solution for people who live in the apartment or people who do not has spacious space because this table is small and can hanging or against the wall. The first product description of this item is The Pierce Console Table. This item is available in the half round shaped that will match for people who loved classical terms. This item is made by manufactured wood that finished in the rich cherry finished. The dimension of this item is 30 x 18 x 45 inches.

The unique Isabella Console Table

The second product of narrow console table is the Isabella Console Table. This item has unique shaped as the pyramid silhouette and it is only has two legs in front. This table can be stand against the wall or it can be stand alone. This table is consisting of three shelves where the owner can placed books, candle or many things. The top and base material of this item is the manufactured wooden. This item also easy to clean only wept the surface use the dry clothes.

Dartmouth Console Table

The next product description of narrow console table is the Dartmouth console table. This item also has extraordinary shaped and it will impress the guess when you put it in the living room. This item is made by sturdy wooden in the curve frame that finished in the espresso color. This item brings the contemporary atmosphere to your living room.

This narrow console table has top as the table, hidden drawer, and two open shelves on the ground. This item does not have leg, but the straight line in the ground can make this table stand alone, but it still do not need spacious space because the dimensional of this table is 34 inches in height, 36 inches in weight, and 12 inches in deep.