Simple IKEA Console Table

IKEA is an international brand that comes from one of the Scandinavian countries, namely Sweden. IKEA now has been popular in the community and be an option for the homeowners when they want to buy home furnishings. This is because the products from IKEA is known for modern design and can be considered as unique products. In addition, its products are also priced at a cheap price, but do not neglect quality because one of the principles of IKEA is to reduce the price in various ways without reducing quality. IKEA sells a wide range of products to support the needs of your household, one of which is IKEA console table.

IKEA console table is a branded console table that has a unique design. Console table IKEA is known as practical product but still stylish. IKEA console table is available in a wide variety of designs that is made specifically to meet your needs, either for storage or decorative elements for your home interior. In addition, the console table from IKEA is also very flexible, can be combined with various types of furniture in your home. That is why the console table from IKEA is much in demand by the public.

HEMNES IKEA Console Table

HEMNES console table is a console table from IKEA. HEMNES console table is designed by Carina Bengs. This IKEA console table is designed with a perfect shape to be put on the back of your sofa or even be used as a room divider in your home. The console table that is measuring 157cm length x 74cm height x 40cm width has 8 storage spaces in different sizes, suitable to store your collection of books and magazines. HEMNES console table from IKEA is priced at £ 130.

LIATORP IKEA Console Table

LIATORP is one of IKEA console table that is designed by Carina Bengs. LIATORP console table is designed of wood that is combined with glass material on the surface of the table, perfect to be put on the back of the sofa or along the walls of your home. Console table that is measuring 133cm length x 75cm height x 37cm width priced at £ 140.

 REKARNE Console Table

REKARNE console table is made of solid pine wood, IKEA console table which has a size of 130cm length x 75cm height x 38cm width. This console table can be sanded by your own to make it always looks new. This table is available in a variety of unique shapes and motifs.

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