Queen Bed Frame for Happily Couple

Queen bed frame is bed frame made for you who have a partner and decide to sleep together. This means that the bed frame was made for two adults whose size is 10 inches longer than the average human body (since the idea first emerged from America, then the average height in use also is the average height of Americans and therefore the bed frame is suitable for everyone in Asia that have average body lower than American’s).

It is 16 inches smaller in size in comparison with king size bed frame is 70×80 inches. Well, can imagine how big bed frames it is. But of course the size of the mattress in place on top of the bed frame a few inches smaller. Still, the size is still large especially for Asian people. Even to the west also, those who have the king and queen often bring their pets like puppies and cats to sleep on it as well.

Queen bed frame also be provided in a variety of patterns and materials. The most often used is made from wood and stainless steel. There are only having half pillars, tall pillars, there is also a be circuit above which is usually used to hang a curtain decoration or even a mosquito net (which in the days of our ancestors who are still friends with thousands of mosquitoes, the netting is used as a tool but barrier to disturb our sleep.) but in today everything tends to be used only for the style.

Queen bed frame made of wood is most enjoying doing by world lately. Not only in submitting the pillar, but sometimes there is also equipped with several drawers or cabinets in a bed frame. For those of you who own a home with minimalist concept, the design is such that you can consider. While the bed frame that has been used by our ancestors in ancient times the material is bamboo.

Simple, yet provide no less radiant the beautiful with bed frame made of glass. However bed frame with bamboo base material may be difficult you get. Craftsmen who still do very little in this world, whereas the business opportunity is very promising because increasingly more who want a simple life with simple equipment of the past such as bamboo. So, made bed frame that main ingredient is bamboo are the great idea for starting the business.