The Rare Touch of Carvings in Antique Buffet Table

If you are being asked which furniture that can give rare touch in home design, then the antique one would be the answer for it. Furniture being antique means that it was made back in the old times and has been kept in good condition until the current time. As you might have thought, it […]

Mirrored Buffet Table: the One with Millennial Look

Choosing buffet table sometimes can be tricky. Well, it is because the world of furniture for home design is way vaster than you might have imagined. There is always the design that is pretty interesting to decorate a house. Want to know the one that has millennial look? It is none other than mirrored buffet […]

Black Buffet Table in Which Various Things Can Fit in

Furniture including buffet table are best chosen by considering both the color and the design. Black buffet table for example, can fit in various surroundings for black is a neutral color. Furthermore, black is also a cool color that can signify modernity. It can also look new if the surface is veneered, thus making it […]

Tile to Carpet Transition Inspiring Idea

Carpet becomes one of useful properties which are needed in almost every house, especially houses with babies and toddlers. Since babies and toddlers often spend their time by playing on the floor all over the house, parents should make sure that floor, as the place where their kids are playing, is safe, clean, and healthy. […]