Looking Good Even with Simple Buffet Server Table

Furniture including buffet server table nowadays can be really amazing, don’t you agree? They are well-made with chosen finish and veneer that can make them look modern. Often, the design itself is made unusual with unique lines, forms, or even cravings. Indeed, with such attributes, buffet server furniture can easily fit in modern home design. However, it does not mean that the simple one cannot do the same thing. Let’s see here.

Raymour and Flanigan Furniture’s Denver Server

You see, it is easy to find buffet server table if you are looking for the simple designed one. At Raymour and Flanigan Furniture, there is a bunch of them that looks rather simple and plain. You might have thought that it might do nothing for your home design. However, don’t think like that. Even being simple can be useful in different way. Try looking at Denver Server for example. It is long rectangular buffet table.

The uppermost part has open space and below it you will find one cabinet in each right and left corner of this buffet server table. Meanwhile, the middle one is designed for open space as well that is separated by a shelf to make two compartments for it. Even if it is this simple, as long as you can design it properly, you can turn its simplicity into a nice-looking one. For the top, you should not leave it empty without anything on it.

It would be nice if you place table lamp alongside with other things like photo in frames or flower vase on this buffet server table. When the light is turned on, the things placed near it can nicely decorate the buffet table. If it is placed in the dining room, it is a good idea for trying to put fruits in a long basket in the long open space below the table top just like in the image seen alongside this product. It will be a good dining room buffet table this way.

However, it would not be able to live up to its name as dining room buffet server table if it cannot serve its former purpose of storing crockery. Don’t worry. You can keep them hidden in the right and left cabinets. However, it is way better to keep a pile of plates or some piles of cup on the two open compartments in the middle of those cabinets. By placing things this way, you might agree that simple furniture can look good when the things are arranged properly.