How to Line Bamboo Shades

Bamboo shades are inexpensive easy to dress up. If you are installing a bamboo shade to your window, you can also easily dress the shades to improve the look of your window. There are some ways that you can do to make your shades more attractive, one of them is by lining the shades. This is because window shades made of bamboo are usually unlined and this can reduce the attractiveness of the shades. So, by lining the shades, you can make it have a better appearance. Unlined window shades can block the light from coming into your home and reduce the privacy. So, to eliminate any problem cause by unlined shades, you can line the shades and make the more effective.

Bamboo shades are usually rolled and unrolled to open and close them. So, to line your bamboo shades, you can unroll them and lay them facing down on a flat area. After that, you can measure both the width and the length of the shades. Now you can spread fabric for the lining on a flat area and mark the width and length that you have measured before on the fabric. Cut the fabric in the right measurement of the unrolled shade in the same width and length. The cut lining fabric facing up on the top of the shade and make sure there are no wrinkles on the fabric lining. If necessary, you can also trim the fabrics to make the line to the shades.

The fabric can be bond to the shades by applying hot glue gun in to the edges of the shades. The fabric can be pressed to the shades to make the glue stick to the shades. After pressing, let the glue to dry for about some minutes before you roll again the shades and mount them back to the window. Since there are many different types of bamboo shade, you might need to use different ways to line the shades depending on the type of the shades.

If you have a roman bamboo shade, then you also need a different way to line it. Bamboo shades in roman type has some similarities like the lining ways above, but the differences are in the way you apply the hot glue to the shades. So, depending on the type of bamboo shade that you own, you can line them in a different way. Just make sure that your window shade is well lined so that it can work more effectively.