Elegant Black Console Table

Choosing your own home interior for your decoration would be easy since you know about black console table. This elegant black console table can become a focal point for your home decoration. The intense black of the console table will magically turn the look of the room into warm yet charming. You can always choose model for your own console table according to your personal taste for example you can get the black color which reflect your cool personality. It is because black color is a color for elegant and warm personality taste

The designs of the black console table are available in some models like there is a console table with drawers or also the storages. If you like to store your things, stuff like old family photo or other small utilities you can always have this console table with drawers beside that you can also store your own everything like reading stuff of magazines, story books and many other stuff in the shelves. So, you can choose the console table with the shelves, drawers or storages.

Talking about black console table in its appearance will be interesting since you know the real elegant appearance of this table. You are recommended to buy the intense black of the console table since the intense black color is very pretty and also wonderful for the table appearance. Especially when you put this console table in the place where people could see it or even you place it in the easy place to reach your stuff.

The products of black console table

You can always check and buy this product of console hall table with drawers in black through the online catalogue in online shopping. This is very elegant product of black console table that you can have for your home interior design. The price for this kind of console table is about $ 185.98. This product of console table is from the Timber collection. This table is made from Beech wood. It has chrome accent which makes it beautiful. Beside that it also has flat surface that makes it as beautiful black console table. The size of this table is about 29” inches tall x 47 ½ inches wide x 15 ¾ inches deep.

The other product of the black console table is Safavieh Cape Cod Black with 2 drawers. This kind of console table is looking simple yet very pretty. The price for this kind of console table is $ 130.99. It is made from the pine wood. The dimension or the size of this product is 29.5 inches high x 35.8 inches wide x 13.8 inches deep. It has two drawers which the sizes all are 4.7 inches high 15.2 inches wide x 11 inches deep.