Decorative Room Ideas with Bamboo Blinds

Did you know that bamboo blinds can be used not only as the window curtain? After reading this post and looking at the pictures closely, I believe that you will get much more inspirations in decorating the bamboo blind. This makes sense because through this unassuming home property, you can get more intoxicating home living not only is interior, but also exterior space. Instead, the decorations you can easily create to your house on every room area you want.

Bamboo Blind Curtains and Partitions

Utilizing bamboo blinds as curtain might be an ordinary ideas. However, the bamboo blind designs could become purely exquisite when you touch it with artful accents. For you who love to paint, you can draw the panoramic pictures there. The natural textures come from the bamboo arrangement will dazzle and enhance the tasteful look to the room and window itself. Also, because it created in some sizes, you can suit it with your window measurement to have the most appropriate ones.

Beside is as window curtain, bamboo blinds can be used as the room partition which is impermanent by letting the blinds loose to the floor from the ceiling. Here, the bamboo blind can separate some vital rooms such as separating the dining room with living room, dining room with kitchen or living room with family room. Not only is to beautify your home interior décor, this is functional for protecting your privacy in your own dwelling. Instead, it could be set in your master bedroom to divide the bed and open master bathroom of your house.

Wall and Ceiling Accents

Bamboo blinds are also interesting to use as wall accessories. By hanging the blinds on the wall, you can have intoxicating wall décor. Moreover, if you can contrast it perfectly, the room design you have will totally alluring. Since most bamboo blinds are designed in dark tones, it is excellent if you set the wall brightly. After that, you can let it naturally adorn your room space. Or, if you are willing to accessorize it, you can hang some photographs to make it extremely decorative.

Additionally, the bamboo blinds can be utilized as the ceiling too. Usually, it is set in the outside area such as in patio or backyard for creating earthier atmosphere. The spaces between the bamboo arrangement let the sun shines the seating space. Besides, it can be used for adorning the outdoor bathroom design too. And now, what space of your room you are willing to accessorize with this unassuming property?