Valances for Windows: the Small Window Décor

Windows are not always treated with curtain, drapes, or window shade only. Indeed, those window’s treatments are meant to cover window completely. However, have your ever come across a problem where there are flaws you want to cover with something, but still want to expose the window? In this case, valances for windows are the […]

Valances for Living Room Windows: Best Chosen with Theme

Choosing valances for living room windows needs certain consideration, although it is not as hard as choosing one for kitchen window. Why? It is because there seems to be no obstacle for us to put any valance in living room windows, whether it is with loose clothes or not. The only thing we need to […]

The Most Suitable Kitchen Window Valances

As you know, there are various window valances that suit many kinds of room. However, even each section of the house has certain valance that suits it better than the others. Of course, the valance is chosen by considering many aspects in home design. Thinking what is needed and what is not is important to […]

Combining Two Different Valances Window Treatments

Valances window treatments are present variously. They are all made cool, unique, beautiful, elegant, etc that can suit in any part of your house. Sometimes they are hung alone and sometimes they are combined with curtain, drapes, or window shade. However, have you ever considered of combining two different types of window valance? For this […]