Decorative Room Ideas with Bamboo Blinds

Did you know that bamboo blinds can be used not only as the window curtain? After reading this post and looking at the pictures closely, I believe that you will get much more inspirations in decorating the bamboo blind. This makes sense because through this unassuming home property, you can get more intoxicating home living […]

Bamboo Fencing Pictures to Inspire

Styling a dwelling should consider both exterior and interior decoration. Now, after you finish with your home interior design, you must look into your home outside. Do you think there is something missing? If you say so, you might accent it with bamboo touches through bamboo fencing. Well, the fences made of bamboo you knew […]

Tips for Cleaning Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo blinds are considered as one of the most eco-friendly blinds nowadays and they are really environmentally friendly. As you know that bamboo is renewable, more even renewable than wood, bamboo is considered as a good material for flooring, blinds and many other items for home interior. Also, bamboo is durable so that it can […]

Bamboo Fencing Ideas

Bamboo fencing is now has been used by many homes because this is beautiful and environmentally friendly. The popularity of bamboo as the alternative option of wood is making it effective to be used as some types of home features including fencing. Bamboo is not only renewable, eco-friendly and beautiful, but also inexpensive and durable. […]