Black Buffet Table in Which Various Things Can Fit in

Furniture including buffet table are best chosen by considering both the color and the design. Black buffet table for example, can fit in various surroundings for black is a neutral color. Furthermore, black is also a cool color that can signify modernity. It can also look new if the surface is veneered, thus making it look shiny and smooth. Once you are done with the color, you need to consider the design which is made to be able to allow us to store various things.

InRoom Designs Sideboard and Wine Rack

Sideboard and Wine Rack by InRoom Designs is one example of buffet tables with black color. However, being black thus able to fit in various surroundings is not the only attribute this buffet has. The second attribute that is important in home design is the design of the buffet itself. Basically, this black buffet table has rectangular shape with four small legs below. It has flat surface in which you can place vase, glass bottle, etc.

But, don’t think that the design only stops here. Upon looking at its front look, you will understand why this black buffet table can keep carious things inside. Let’s talk about it one by one here. From the uppermost part, you will see that there are three compartments. The right and the left compartments are drawers with removable handles that looks like cockle shells colored in silver. Meanwhile, the middle one is an open compartment.

This compartment can be used to place a pile of plates horizontally and you don’t have to worry since your plates will be safe inside. The next part is the part below the uppermost compartments. Just like them, there are three compartments below as well, but they are bigger this time. The lower part of this black buffet table has right and left cabinets in which each is separated with one shelf to provide two compartments inside.

Since the cabinets’ doors are glass type, anything kept inside is visible to us. It is pretty big, so you can keep things as big as big bowl or basin. This visibility allows this black colored buffet table and the things stored inside to be part of home decors inside your house. How about the compartment in the middle? This is where you will find the wine rack for the open cube compartment is crossed with shelves, thus allowing you to store three wines inside tidily. See, this black buffet table can be great in its color and design, right?