Bamboo Fencing Ideas

Bamboo fencing is now has been used by many homes because this is beautiful and environmentally friendly. The popularity of bamboo as the alternative option of wood is making it effective to be used as some types of home features including fencing. Bamboo is not only renewable, eco-friendly and beautiful, but also inexpensive and durable. This is no wonder that a bamboo fence is a great option for those who want to have the natural look of wood, but want a more affordable option.

Fencing made of bamboo is made into several different styles and designs. It can be even used in its natural form and look as a fence. You can use the natural shape of bamboo for adding a more textured fencing in your home. This will make your home attractive, beautiful and you do not need to cost a lot of money for this.

If you want a more attractive style of bamboo fences, you can choose the split cane fencing, which is flexible and cheap. This can be a good solution for a garden with an irregular shape and those who are in a budget. This fencing is usually made by bamboo canes split and attached with wire. If you want to make it by yourself, you can unroll the fencing on a flat surface and make it in a zigzag shape or rounded form depending on what you like. The ends of the fencing rolls can be attached to the posts with glue or wire. Bamboo fencing made into this style will instantly make a home look more beautiful and attractive.

Another fencing style that can be made of bamboo is bamboo stick fencing. This is a more solid option and it can be an alternative of split fencing. While split fences are made with rustic bamboo canes, the bamboo stick fencing can be made from waterproof twigs. The twigs are made of bamboo that is woven tightly with wire. By installing this fencing into your home, you can let the sunlight comes through the fencing.

Especially if you want a more private screen, this can be a wonderful option. Bamboo fencing can be turned into a more private screen by making it into bamboo panels. This can be a great option if you want to have a fencing to block any prying eyes from sneaking out inside your home. So, there are some options of fencing you can make from bamboo. They are cheap, easy to install and beautiful.

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