Ceiling Tile for an Impressive Vibe

A ceiling tile was built based on safety issue, especially regarding the fire. Ceiling tiles are usually made of mineral fiber that will avoid the fire to spread. People also consider about the potential of adding an aesthetic value to the space. Although it is going to reduce headroom, but installing ceiling tiles will make […]

Measuring the Curtain for Bay Windows

Curtain for bay windows is a beautiful decoration from the classical and traditional style. Bay window is a model of window that adapted from chapel or church, this term used particularly for window that protruding outside. From the outside, this window makes a home look like so wide and elegant because this window mostly make […]

Stain Glass Window: the Exclusive and Colorful Window Art

Windows are present nowadays with many kinds of design. They are not always made into a transparent glass that only allows you to take a look outside from inside the house and vice versa. Furthermore, it only allows us to have natural light from outside and we cannot do anything about it. However, stain glass […]

Stained Glass Window Hangings As Interesting Gift

As people well know, stained glass is able to provide a very beautiful appearance. Using stained glass window hangings on your house will able to give a different impression than using other decorating techniques. Compared to other types of stained glass window, you will easily do the installation when you choose a product of hangings […]